For Micro Beauty Influencers, Professionals, Freelancers, Bloggers, & YouTubers!
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  • Your custom beauty Instagram audit is a LIVE coaching experience where you and I will meet via video conference to discuss the current state of your Instagram brand and how to improve it.

  • In this session, I will give you individualized feedback on how to grow your influence, followers, AND how to start monetizing your following, even if you only have a few hundred followers right now!
  • You'll also be able to ask me any and all questions you have about expanding your beauty brand and online presence, or even about how to book more clients and sell more products, if you're a beauty freelancer, professional, or retailer.
View my calendar, select the date & time that works best for you, and complete the intake form.

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Meet with me and get your Instagram brand, biz, and income on fleek!

Right now, you may struggle with what you should be posting to your grid and you're just not confident in the content you've been producing. Growing a strong Instagram brand and presence is all about creating content that your followers actually want to see AND being consistent with your posting frequency.

By the end of our session, you'll have a customized solid plan of action to follow that will enable you to create higher quality content + post more consistently so you'll never be left wondering what or when to post ever again!

Currently, you may feel like the Instagram algorithm is working against you or that your followers aren't seeing your content and you're not growing. Well, sis, I'm here to tell you that the algorithm is NOT out to get you! It's actually meant to work WITH you to increase your visibility.

Attracting more followers and making your beauty brand more visible on IG is all about increasing your engagement and knowing what behaviors + actions you need to take within the app to boost your profile.

By the end of our session, you'll know the exact action steps you need to take so that you can beat the IG algorithm, increase your engagement, and attract more followers!

Sis, if someone told you that you needed to have 10K followers or even over 100K followers to start making good, consistent money from your IG, they LIED!  In our session together, I'll walk you step-by-step through exactly how you can start monetizing your IG RIGHT NOW, even if you only have a few hundred followers.

And if you're already making money on IG, I'll give you a custom strategy you can use to begin diversifying your income streams so that you can make even more beauty coins!

“A round of applause for Toni Roberts, please! I’ve only known Toni for a few weeks now and attended two of her trainings but this lady and her marketing strategies are a Godsend. I implemented just ONE of her tips and got the most likes and inbox messages than I’ve ever received concerning my business. Toni has an abundance of information that she doesn’t mind sharing and her trainings are golden. Not only is she kind and patient in her delivery of the material but she shows you how to carry out each task step-by-step. She’s an answer to my prayers and I’m looking forward to learning more. I finally feel like I’m on the right path to my vision!”

~ Lakeisha M.

  • I will do a thorough personal review of your Instagram page and provide you with LIVE direct feedback on the improvements you can make to increase your content quality, boost your engagement, attract more followers, and increase your profitability.
  • You will also receive a customized PDF audit report & assessment that will include an outline of all of the suggested improvements I've noted, as well as specific guidelines on how to implement each recommendation so that you can have them handy to reference as you're working through the document packet.
  • 90 minutes of LIVE VIDEO coaching where you can ask me unlimited questions about any aspect of your beauty business, including your branding, content, blog website, or monetization strategies.
  • BONUS #1 ($97 Value): You'll receive access to the full recording of your coaching session so that you'll be able to conveniently watch the replay whenever you want for reference.
  • BONUS #2 ($67 Value): You'll receive access to my best selling mini e-course, "The Beauty Biz Launchpad", at no additional coast that will show you, step-by-step, how to set up and launch your online beauty biz + brand in 5 days or less AND get it immediately positioned to generate income so that you can begin making more profits from your business!
  • BONUS #3 ($21 Value): Additionally, you'll receive free access to my "Insta Beauty Content Planner" This detailed 19-page guide will further help you map out your Instagram Beauty Content and posting schedule so that you never have a shortage of content ideas and know exactly how to create innovative beauty content that your followers will love to engage with.
This Is A Premium Custom Service Valued At Nearly $400, But You Can Reserve It
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This Instagram Audit Is Perfect For You If...
  • You want to produce higher quality content and post more consistently
  • You're a smaller micro influencer (with less than 10K followers) and want to learn how to make money from your existing following, while at the same time expanding your reach
  • You're a larger micro influencer (with 10K followers or more) who's already making money on IG, but want to earn more and diversify your income streams
  • You're in a Beauty MLM and want to learn how to use Instagram to get more sales and sign up new reps
  • Your want to generate extra side-income or build a full-time business and career as a beauty influencer/blogger
  • You're tired of your freelancing income fluctuating from month to month and want to generate consistent and stable profits
  • You want to make your IG attractive to big beauty brands so you can land sponsorships/partnerships
  • You want to consistently bring in new clientele as a beauty professional or freelancer
  • You're a beauty freelancer/professional who wants to diversify your income streams
  • You want to increase your existing client loyalty and retention
  • You want to finally be able to go Full-time in your beauty biz and leave your 9 to 5
  • You want to set yourself apart from other beauty influencers and develop your own unique niche and voice so that you can standout and attract loyal followers
  • You want to transform your beauty passion/long-time hobby into a profitable online business
"Toni, I have gone through two of your training webinars and they were exceptional! I have gone through my share of webinars these past few years and I have to honestly say, hands down, you are in my top 3 for best trainer/coach/influencer. Your webinars over-deliver in value and by the end of them I'm left feeling like I have a real action plan and I can actually make progress instead of feeling like there is something missing and lost to what my next step is. You not only tell us what needs to be done, you show us how to do it. You genuinely want to see your tribe win and it shows. I've only met you 5 days ago but you have made a huge impression. Keep up the excellent work and thanks for being such a blessing."

~ Natalie J. 

“I watched the training and I must say you are truly an Angel sent from God…I teared up a little because like so many others I too have been struggling to figure this industry out and it has been really difficult. I’ve even questioned myself like is this really for me…maybe I should be doing something else. Then your page popped up in my timeline and I began to have hope again!… I’m sooooooooo excited! Before I found you I prayed and asked God to bless me with abundance this year and I truly believe I’m on my way!!! Thank you so much Toni!!!”

~ Crystal C.

Ready To Level Up Your Instagram Beauty Brand?
About Toni Roberts
Hey, sis! I'm Toni, a former Social Media Content Manager & Marketing Consultant for ELF Cosmetics, turned Beauty Content Income Strategist & Beauty Biz Blogger.

I'm also the CEO of my company, Beauty Into Bank, LLC, where we focus on teaching micro beauty influencers & aspiring beautypreneurs, just like you, how to quickly grow your brand exposure, while building multiple income streams around your passion so that you can generate passive income online and establish a profitable beauty brand + business.

In my 13+ years in the digital and social media marketing space, I've acquired quite a bit of unique, first-hand experience on what it takes to build a content driven personal brand online that's actually PROFITABLE.

Up until this point in my career...

  • I've created, launched and managed several international content creator campaigns for various big brands (within and outside of the beauty space)
  • I've managed the social media content and influencers for several brands, including ELF Cosmetics
  • I've helped several influencers and entrepreneurs strategize their content, grow their following, and monetize their brand + social media platforms in numerous ways
  • I've personally worked with several brands as an affiliate and influencer myself
I got my start in digital marketing back in 2006 when I got bit by the entrepreneurial bug straight out of high school. For years I immersed myself in everything online marketing and business development that one day blossomed into me opening my own marketing consultancy in 2012. That same year I also moved to Atlanta, GA, where I was introduced to the wonderful world of beauty, makeup, and bundles. I began exploring my new found passion and became a hardcore beauty enthusiast.

In January 2018 I decided to merge my two passions, business and beauty, and launched a new brand under my existing consultancy, Beauty Into Bank, where I now teach talented and creative beautypreneurs how to grow their brand, monetize their passion, and build a thriving online business within their God-given purpose.

Instagram has played a MAJOR part in my brand growth and profitability, which is why I'm so adamant about teaching you how to leverage the app to magnify your exposure, increase your impact, and explode beauty biz profits. I'm so excited to work with you and I can't wait to witness all of the wins and blessings coming your way!

“Toni Roberts is a queen! She's is dedicated, kind, committed and competent to help us win in our businesses and in life. Thank you Toni for taking the time with me yesterday to introduce me to your program peace and love to you...”

~ Marilyn J.